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The Right Person With The Right Skills For The Right Job At The Right Time
The Right Job For The Right Person With The Right Skills At The Right Time

Swap HR Services is a ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist ’ Organisation, offering premium Manpower Recruitment services in the field of Construction, FMCG, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Durables, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, Engineering, Insurance & Financial Services.

How are we different from other recruitment organizations?

We have live segregated database with us and we take a lot of effort in keeping them live. We keep in touch with the candidates every now and then and know their pulses very well.

Before the CVs are sent to the clients, we always acquire confirmation from the candidates through E Mails and Telephonic conversations. We do not provide our clients with ‘Might be interested candidates.’

We through ‘N’ number of periodic campaigns try to acquire CV’s through references and head hunting. These are golden CVs, which are not available on web media or are of candidates who do not follow the placement industry closely and are doing a great job in their perspective fields very quietly.

Unlike many placement organizations we do not only hire from Job sites. It is seen that due to lack of time, lack of futuristic strategies or many domains to work to, a bulk of placement organizations today only hire from Job sites, they put in the search strings for a specific position gets CV from X or Y jobsites and call the candidates to send their CVs to the client or in worst case even wait till the client shortlists CV from the collected CVs. In many cases that becomes the solitary interaction with the candidate. On the other hand we have a very scientific approach on the generation and management of Database. We do use all leading jobsites but unlike others it is used as one of the several tools for the generation of quality CVs and not surely the be all and end all of the whole recruitment process.

We follow word by word all criterions sought by the clients be it skills, personality or other factors and features involved in the position. Our n number of interactions with each candidate helps us in this regard.

Why Us

Swap HR Services is a ‘Talent Acquisition Specialist ’ Organisation, offering premium Manpower Recruitment services in the field of:
  • FMCG
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Durables
  • IT & ITES
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Insurance & Financial Services .
  • Construction
To be the frontrunners amongst the Talent Acquisition Specialists worldwide guided by Business Ethics
Shall always provide best of Indian Merits to the International and National Organizations, with continuous innovative endeavors to communicate the right position to the right person (In many cases the right person are not even aware of the right positions available in Right Organisations so might not have applied even for the position vacant). Swap HRS shall always pine for providing best of International and National Organizations to Indian Talents. Shall always pine for continuous innovative strategies and tactics to provide the best talents with quick response time.

Our Mantra

Right Person for the Right Position to get the Right Performance and as a result the Right Profit and goals.

We provide our esteemed clients the best-qualified person for the job. We believe in ‘Right Person Approach’. People placed are with appropriate skills and experience to perform the job for the client with minimal training.

It is very often seen that a lot of organizations today because of pressures regarding completion of Project in time, cost, skill shortage resort to a recruitment and selection process which is incomplete. It has become a current trend today to employ a candidate only by evaluating his / her current skills of doing the same kind of job and not paying much attention to the personality, culture and need-match criterions between the organization and the candidate. It is more like taking a chance and hiring somebody on trial basis. If a misfit replace the candidate with another one and so on and so forth. This very risky process can lead to a very high employee turnover ratio, huge training cost, loss of quality and later on to match up with the project schedule more cost on Manpower.

To serve our esteemed clients and the esteemed candidates better, we incorporate the personality and need match criterion as an important factor in the search.

People change jobs to fulfill their individual needs and can yield best result if the need is satisfied, we try to provide people with organization or a position on the basis of how it meets those individual needs. The main aim here is to know the best about the organization or position and also how they fit the individual need.

We try to understand the features and benefits of the organization and how it fulfills the need of the applicant and then provide the position or the organization to them.

We take a lot of effort in understanding the applicant’s need and why they exist.

We have a team of professional recruiters who has the skill to fill a given position by understanding the duties, responsibilities and the personality trait inherent in the position. A huge importance is always given to match the organizations culture and personality demands.

We try and ensure that the applicant meets the organizations need by means of skill match, personality match, intellect match, knowledge match and also what motivates the applicant. We try to determine the quality of the match and if satisfied the applicant for the specific organization / position becomes a candidate and we forward their CVs to the organization.

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